All of the coaching and athlete's tools can be trialed for free.

  • A $35 fee to help with support and development is requested after 1-2 months. After that time, we reserve the right to add an occasional nag screen reminding you of this fact (this hasn't happened so far).

  • The tools for coaches, specifically the Control Panel and the daily update and warning emails, plus the collaborative capabilities, are all free. However after 2 months, in cases where a coach is working with an athlete we ask that the athlete's log/planner be registered, for $25. No charge is made for setup or maintenance of a coach account. It's up to the athlete and the coach to decide who pays, both have the capability.

Payments are currently made via paypal. 


We manually link your log via your email address and correlate it with your log. However we'll soon be moving to an automated system using Google Checkout.