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Swim workout generator

This tool is in beta. Please let us know if you find problems or have suggestions.
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Simply fill out this form and a personized swim workout will be emailed to you promptly, in the form of the example that appears at the bottom of this page.

Swim workout generator form

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Here's an example workout:

AnEndurance swim workout of 4500 m has been generated based on a 25 meters pool and a 100 base time of 1:20. Preferred distance=Long (typically 3500-4500). Total time will be 1:08:00 assuming you take 20-75s between sets, (so as to typically start on the top of the clock).

a) 8x400 on 5:45 #1 is w/u on any time, w/ 100+ no-free, then neg split WITHIN each of the remainder AND build within the set
b) 12x50 on 50, 8x50 on 40 First set are 25 choice drill, 25 build to sprint, last 8 are tight, keep it solid.
c) 3x100 c/d Reduce stroke count by 2 per 25 for each 100. 

Total Time=1:08:00 ( w/ 20-75s to top of clock on each set)

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