Anyone can suggest features from this page. Please bear in mind that one of the key goals of this log is to enable simple entry and immediate visibility of a great deal of relevant data.

Some planned features include:
  • Trend Analysis enhancement to calculate and use a  "virtual HR", which will reflect heat, terrain, distance etc so that things like cardiac drift will be allowed for. For trend purposes it could perhaps convert every HR to the equivalent had it been a one hour flat run in a moderate temperature. This will allow far better trend data to be achieved, while still being able to just eyeball average HR/power rather than uploading masses of data from assorted devices. For run-trend-analysis it could even account for shoe weight, since we know which shoe you ran in.
  • Track bike usage - ie log a bike like it logs shoes
  • Configurable columns to have a configurable number of decimal places
  • Track up to 20 pairs of shoes
  • There's more stuff on the "impending feature list"

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