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What do I do

A coach sets up an account using the Setup Form. No password/address etc is necessary, your google login information is used.

The coach then receives by email a link to a "Coach's Control Panel", where assorted settings can be configured, and where the client list appears.

The Control Panel contains a link to a Log Generation Form that is specific to the coach. When the coach or one of his/her clients fills out this form a log is created, and an email (seemingly from the coach) is sent to the client with all of the necessary details. The coach is automatically a collaborator on this log, and can add plan etc, not to mention go into the log and configure the coach-specific settings via the Settings menu.

The coach will receive one daily activity summary email (at a configurable time of day) listing what activities all the clients performed the day before. There is a brief summary, then full details for a configurable number of days).
In addition, the coach can choose to receive warning emails if he has failed to add any schedule workouts for certain clients with a configurable number of days.

The coach can easily embed the form into his or her personal website. Emails appear to come from the coach, not from, and the coach's personal website is shown on the pages of the log, rather than Thus can be made invisible to the coach's clients.
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