For Coaches

THE COACH'S CONTROL-PANEL Capability has been temporarily disabled until Fall 2015

Many of the features of this training log/planner are configurable so as to be particularly useful to coaches looking to more easily collaborate with athletes, or looking to easily generate and evaluate plans.
  • Coach and client can simultaneously access and edit the document, there's no emailing of plans etc.
  • Based on the average speeds entered in the year-plan  for all three sports, the total planned training time for each week is calculated and displayed in a graph on the Year-Plan. This info is also copied to the blue "Plan" line immediately following each week on the monthly worksheets, making the job of applying the details of the week's workouts a lot easier.
  • Settings are available such that the client can automatically receive an email when the coach updates the plan.
  • Additional coach-specific columns are available for Workout distance, time, and workout type. The workout type can quickly be typed or selected from a pull down menu shown in the picture right (Speed, Tempo, L3 etc etc) and the contents of this list can be amended on the Settings page. Of course, far more extensive details of the workouts, and the athlete's notes, can be placed in the "Workout Details" columns.
  • The automated periodization plan generator significantly reduces the time to generate and document periodization plans.
  • Periodization cycle information and all pertinent data from the year-plan is copied into the monthly worksheets making it easier for the coach to then populate the plan columns for swim/bike/run/lift without having to keep cross referring to a year-plan.
  • The tool, associated emails, and all other aspects can be re-labeled with your business name.
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New features:
  • Daily email to the coach provides a brief summary of the previous day's activities for each of the coach's clients, followed by a detailed breakdown of the activities for the last 3 days for each client.

  • Coach can receive automatic warning emails if any of the coach's clients have no workout scheduled in any of the next 'N' days, or if "TBA" or "TBD" appears in the notes, and "rest" or "recovery" or "day off" doesn't appear in the notes. The email contains a note about the omission, and a link to the client's log.

  • Coach can manage all his details and client list via the control panel on this website.