Google Checkout

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Paying $25 (US) towards support and development of these tools will cause ownership of the Google-Document to be transferred from us to you. 
It will also remove the occasional reminder pop-up windows to stop happening after 4-8 weeks. We remain a collaborator in order to provide bug fixes, unless you request that we remove ourselves as a collaborator.
      • For athletes who aren't working with a coaching using the coaching tools on this site, the $25 is requested.
      • For athletes working with a coach using the coaching tools on this site, the $25 is required in order for the tools to keep working. In such cases, it is up to the coach and the athlete to decide who pays the fee.
The format of the url that you need to enter when making your payment is as follows:
The part is green is mandatory, the part in blue (which gets appended by google to identify the sheet/page) is optional, we strip it out when identifying your log.