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Frequently Asked Questions

(More FAQs coming soon)

Some value or other is messed up, it looks like the log has a bug:
Several such questions have arisen, almost exclusively when someone has accidentally corrupted the log. If you're pretty sure this happened recently, you can use undo (icon or Ctrl-z) to undo recent changes till things look correct again, and if that doesn't happen, use redo (Ctrl-y) to put things back again.
Alternatively, click File -> Revision History, and find the change that introduced the corruption. 
The highlighted cell will show the change that caused the problem.
Bottom Line: Don't Add or Remove ANY columns, unless using the "Training Log Settings" Menu at the top of the page.

I don't want to be a collaborator on my log
To increase user privacy (but reduce the options for any necessary bug fixes or enhancements to be made by us) users who have contributed can fill out a form to have us removed from the editors list for their log. This isn't automated yet, but will be actioned within a day.

Copy/Paste problems:
Some people have had trouble copying and pasting into their log. Be aware that google-docs uses it's own copy-paste buffer accessed ONLY with the mouse (right click, icons or edit menu). Thus if you copy from another application (eg with Ctrl-C in a Windows app) you'll need to use Ctrl-V to paste. Pasting with a right-click on the goggle docs menu will paste only what is in the google docs buffer.

When I click on my bookmark/favorite for the log, it always takes me to a different month from the current month:
Per the instructions in the original email you received, when bookmarking the log we should use the url from that email. When you click on the link, google appends "gid=XYZ" to the url to identify the current page. Edit your bookmark to remove "gid=xxx".

I can see my log but I'm unable to edit it
You're probably not logged in, or are logged in as someone who doesn't have authority to edit your log. If you can see "sign in" in the top right corner then you're not logged in.

I want to give visibility to my friend
Click "Share" in the top right corner, then select "Can View" rather than "Can Edit"

I want to give write-access to my coach
You could just click "Training log Settings" -> "Give someone access" and grant edit-access. However it would be way better for your coach to get a free coach's account on, giving all of the coach's advantages it affords beyond just being able to edit client's logs.

It would be great if the log also had a column for X, Y or Z
It has six user-configurable columns which also get graphed on the charts page. These columns are configured via the "Training Log-Settings" menu, and the title and width can be chosen, together with whether the sum or average is recorded.

The current cell under focus moves to today/s run (or bike or swim) cell about 10 seconds after opening the log. What the heck?
As soon as everything is loaded, the cell under focus will move to today's distance in one of the sports. That's a feature, and can be disabled or modified by selecting "Training Log Settings" -> "Startup Options"

I can only see the first  two columns of the log. What's the problem
I assume you're using Firefox. This is a bug in Firefox, try IE or use Chrome, which is way better.

I deleted a column, now things are all messed up
In order to allow for some quirks of google's graphing system we hard code some field-names, so deleting columns is a bad idea. Use Ctrl-z to put the column back, (or insert-column, then hide-column will probably suffice). The use the settings menu to configure which columns are visible, since this will then apply to each month's worksheet.

Can I suggest a new feature, or see the feature suggestion list?
Sure, click here