Doug Clark is a Software Engineer, USAT-certified Triathlon Coach, USA-Cycling-certified Cycling Coach (www.newjerseytriathloncoach.comand brain cancer survivor.
He is battling his second brain tumor right now. His brain posts updates of its own at twitter.com/dougsbrain
He won his age division at the Hawaii Ironman in 2009, and has won his Age-Division at the USAT National Triathlon Championship for each of the last 7 years (International/Olympic Distance).
He was frustrated that the software tools available to collate and reliably store workout data for him and his clients were either expensive and overly complex, or didn't allow him to easily collaborate with his clients, and share data in a controllable manner. None of the solutions allowed him to take lifetime ownership of his data and most required a lot of clicking every day in order to enter data, a process he wanted to greatly simplify. So he created his own solution in 2007, which evolved to allow other coaches to use the software, adding many features to ease data sharing and reduce the work required of the coach while enhancing their capabilities.
He since identified gaps in the market, and created a race-day nutrition-evaluation tool, and a personalized swim-workout generator.
He can also offer other website development services, based particularly on the google-apps API.

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